SchoolCare: School – Family Partnership Framework

Towards sustainable goals for education & schools:
Safety. Enjoy. Improvement. Caring. Family Satisfaction. Parents Respect & Trust.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. But not enough.
SchoolCare is a centralized information, an open architecture design, which includes both platform and devices.
Application is one component in.
We have committed that SchoolCare features are values, reaching school’s expectation and more outstanding than other standalone systems.
We carefully consider the capability of replacement: Absolutely, a portion or run simultaneously when compared to other channels, typical such as: Social Media, Hotline, Email, Brochure,... SchoolCare will work closely with School Partner for the best reasonable set up.
The 02 biggest problems from teaching are efficiency and reducing the burden of administrative booking. We also focus on solving two critical issues by UI/UX that is very simple and most effective.
Our architecture and Production Roadmap guarantee that SchoolCare is aligned with all basic and diversified expectations of a student's life.
Yes. We warmly welcome the school picking a test option. Then you can have a trusted view about our product.

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